Top Myst Hint Site Guide

If you need a Myst hint or two, these Myst walkthrough links will help get you through
when you're stuck.

Myst Walkthrough by Cyan

The "Walkthrough for Myst" page by Cyan provides an extensive overview of the entire story. The sections are well paragraphed and easy to follow.

If you're new to the Myst world, this will help you quite a bit. It is well written and provides a thorough Myst walkthrough, even though it gets a bit verbose and lengthy at times.

Nevertheless, try not to read too far ahead. There are numerous spoilers in the article,but the background of the ages is explained at length.

I consider this to be the better of the two sites that I recommend.

If you want, check my Myst hint / review page for a full review of the Myst for Pocket PC game.

Myst Walkthrough by Graham

Another decent Myst hint guide also has a Myst walkthrough featured on their site. The guides and explanations for the Myst introduction is above par.

The following sections have a somewhat rushed feel, but it is still among the best that I've found for quick answers to complex Myst puzzles.

Use it sparingly as you'll find more short form Myst solutions per page.

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