Myst Walkthroughs for Pocket PC

Myst Pocket PC is a long way from the desktop version of Myst. These Myst walkthroughs are
intended for the Pocket PC version but can still mostly be used for the original PC incarnation.

For the newcomer, the challenges can prove difficult. These Myst walkthroughs will take

you straight through the objectives while briefly summarizing them.

Here is my guide for solving the first difficult puzzle.

Flip those Markers

Your first mission: flip those marker switches. The reason for the switches will become apparent. You'll find them all around Myst at various intervals.

The markers look just like a big electrical fuse switch that has to be flipped to the up position. These screenshots will save you some time.

Take note of the positions of the markers in each shot. At times they were difficult to spot.

Let's deal with them in proximity sequence. There is a door on your left, built into the dock. Don't go in yet. Make a mental note as you will have to come back later.

Proceed straight ahead on the dock. You will be walking straight toward something that

looks like a giant cogwheel. You'll see a lot more oddities during these Myst walkthroughs.

Speaking of Myst walkthroughs, my Myst walkthroughs and gameplay review outlines a bit more about game ratings for this title.

You will see a marker at the base of the stairs. Simply touch your stylus to flip it to the 'on' position. Immediately head up the stairs. You'll find another marker on the left.

Myst Walkthroughs - Cogwheel Stairs

Go back down the cogwheel stairs. You'll see a concrete landing that leads to a small flight of stairs. Proceed to the small flight of stairs.

The stairs lead to bigger reddish-brown wooden steps that look like they've been built into the grass. You'll find Catherine's note as you make your way up the path.

Myst Walkthroughs - Catherine's Letter

Once you read Catherine's letter, you will learn that your objective is to flip the markers (which you have been doing) and to count the number of markers while doing so.

One spoiler (you will find more spoilers during these Myst walkthroughs) is that the number of markers that you find is equal to a code that the imager (a holographic device) needs to play a pre-recorded message.


Walk up and past the Library (grey structure with grey pillars) where you will see a small platform leading to a spaceship.

Head over to the spaceship and flip the marker. Walk to the fountain and tap the stylus just beyond the fountain.

Just click to the extreme left or right to turn around, and you'll see another marker standing next to the fountain.

Turn around again and you'll see a path leading to a clock tower. If you head down the path, you will see what looks like a small power station. Flip the marker right outside the door, but don't go in.

On the other side of the path, you will see a log cabin with a marker placed prominently outside.

Don't bother following the path all the way to the clock tower just yet. There is another marker, but it's across water and you can't swim.

Turn around and head back past the fountain and up the stairs built into the grass.

You'll see the final marker if you veer to the right, outside of a small building with a big golden seal on the door.

That makes 8 markers that you've found (including the inaccessible one by the clock tower across the water).

Head back down the stairs to the dock. Process straight down the dock to the dead end, then tap your stylus on the right. A door will open. Proceed through the door and down the steps.

Tap the stylus on the cauldron-like object (it's called the dimensional imager) until you can't proceed any further, then click to the extreme left or right until you turn to face a wall with what looks to be a piece of paper.

Clicking on the paper will open up the access code panel. Enter the number 08 and press the red button.

Head back to the imager and click on the yellow button at the front.

You will hear a message from someone named Atrus. He will tell you how his library was destroyed. He strongly suspects his sons for the mischief.

He also mentions clock tower positioning to gain access codes. Make mental notes for reference. Most of what he describes will be found in the library.

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