The State of NeoGeo Gaming for the Pocket PC

The hunt is on now for NeoGeo or Neo Geo roms. July 2005 saw over 6900 searches alone for NeoGeo roms and virtually the same number for the Neo Geo rom keyword combination for July 2005.

Neo Geo is one of the more popularly misspelled search terms when it comes to roms. NeoGeo is considered synonymous if the search engine results are any indication. allows for the tracking and searching of market demand for such keywords for free. If you run your own blog, it assists greatly in determining blog view interest level in newly emerging technology.

iNeoGeo ROM Fatal FuryBack to NeoGeo (or more precisely, Neo Geo) ... it really looks like these things tend to occur in cycles. More and more people are looking for their Neo Geo / NeoGeo ROM fix, and they're not the teenage kids next door, either.

Typical profile: male between 26 and 35 with the ending boundary age range rapidly increasing.

Problem is, there are a few drawbacks, especially for Pocket PC owners using the Windows Mobile 2003 operating system. I've outlined the drawbacks, but in essence Neo Geo gaming may be more suited to PDA owners with slightly older models.

Click 'View' for my article on the best way to properly enjoy Neo Geo titles, as well as your essential gaming repertoire.



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