Your Neo Geo ROMs Guide Under
Windows Mobile 2003

If you're into Neo Geo Pocket or Neo Geo ROMs download links, this may be an eye-opener.

For one thing, please understand that there are different Neo Geo ROM types.

To get a sense of this, here's some brief details about this ROM type.

Neo Geo - Brief History

Neo Geo is a home video game system that became available in 1990 by a Japanese company called SNK.

It was leagues ahead of the other gaming consoles kicking around at that time, with enhanced video and audio that put many other consoles to shame.

The Neo Geo Pocket, on the other hand, was a handheld console released by SNK in Japan in late 1998.

Neo Geo ROMs hit the local arcades with a vengeance. The arcade version is referred to as MVS or Multi Video System.

Obviously, the Neo Geo titles in the arcades had higher resolution and better gameplay than the home console version.

MAME for the Pocket PC

For arcade emulation, you'll need a MAME emulator for your Pocket PC.
Neo Geo Fatal Fury
Arcade Machine Emulators crowd is usually nostalgic for something to quell that Neo Geo and Konami itch.

You've probably MAMEd to death on your desktop, and you'd like to keep the party going on your Pocket PC or Palm PDA.

Neo Geo ROMs Under WM2003

Problem is, while Neo Geo ROMs have made it to the desktop PC in abundance, the Pocket PC emulator community is not that great for these particular ROMs.

I've personally had more luck with other types of ROMs for my device. I've posted some details on other types besides Neo Geo ROMs emulators in a separate article.

MameCE and MegaCE

From the discussion posts out there about this topic, I can safely recommend MAMECE3 as
long as you don't have Windows Mobile 2003 running on your Pocket PC.

If you're looking for MVS based Neo Geo ROMs for your Pocket PC, it's slim pickings.

I came up empty while searching for Metal Slug and good old Samurai Shodown, among others. My trip down memory lane came to an abrupt halt at this point.

Quite a few users running this operating system have reported issues during game ROM execution.

On the good side, Davis Joshua has posted an excellent document on installation instructions and issues fixed over past emulator versions. You can view this here .

The MEGAMameCE binary is also available and adds support for the iPAQ HP56x, Casio, Journada and Casio BE300.

Fewer problems have been reported with this one, but try them both if possible.

Please note that the MegaCE program executable is over 6 megabites in size. This is justified with an auto-installer (a good asset indeed for a Pocket PC mame emulator), but it also raises interesting questions.

It's not as if you'll run game ROMs off of your SD card as these emulators habitually run off of main memory with the ROMs safely taking up space on your secure digital card.

NeoPocott and NeoPopCE

NeoPocott 0.38b is the other Pocket Neo Geo ROM emulator contendor for the Pocket PC.

It quite simply refused to launch when tapped under my WM2003 enabled iPaq.

A purported update called NeoPocott 0.38b4 was talked about but eventually failed to reach production.

Out of curiosity, I tried NeoPocott's next of kin with its desktop PC counterpart. All ROMs executed perfectly, and the keyboard mapping to buttons feature was functional.

NeoPopCE may work on Pocket PC 2000 based PDAs. I mean hey, at least it made an

attempt to configure the buttons.

You may as well give NeoPocott 0.38b a try for your Neo Geo ROMs. It's very possible that you will have better results than I did, given the very hardware-specific nature of the software.

So is it worth it? I couldn't get this to work with my own iPaq 4150, but if you have an older PDA give it a shot.

It seems to have won over quite a few in the discussion forums, anyway.

If you're a bit confused about which type of ROM will work with NeoPopCE, remember the following:

  • Files with .rom extensions will not function with the Neo Geo Pocket emulator

  • Look for Neo Geo rom download files with .ngp extensions

This should help you sort the wheat from the Pocket PC emulator chaff. Good luck.

Conclusions and Tips

It was difficult to locate popular MameCE or MegaCE Neo-Geo ROM titles.

There weren't a whole lot of arcade Neo Geo ROMs were simply not available for download after an extensive search.

This page will be updated with Neo Geo ROM info as located.

If you're looking to have better luck than this, try NeoPopCE. It's a Neo Geo Pocket emulator. It utilizes a smaller memory footprint than MegaCE, too.

You may have better luck than I did. I can only recommend this if you are absolutely determined to play Neo Geo ROMs.

I also recommend this if you're getting pretty tired of hunting for Neo Geo ROMs that would work with MAME-based emulation.

I have no issue with emulators using a minimized windows when you load ROMs, but to compound the problem the image was shoved in the upper left hand corner, almost like an afterthought.

Audio was non-existent, along with the options to map hardware buttons.

Some downloads come with a "hardware tester" which is a ROM included with the .zip file. It will prompt you to choose A and B buttons, etc.

Pressing the hardware buttons in response to the prompts brought me nowhere with my iPaq 4100 series PDA.

I wound up switching to my Calendar and Pocket Outlook Inbox when I attempted this.

Of course, this made it somewhat difficult to get past the intro splash screen. From what I could see, the frame rate was pretty low.

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