New Apple iPod Aims Squarely at PDA Video Realm

Apple is now poised to delve into the portable video entertainment realm with an iPod model capable of both audio and video.

Given that iPod sales are responsible for effectively quadrupling Apple's profits per quarter, this move makes sense.

Apple's response, however, is a bit untimely, especially when you stop to consider that Microsoft has issued several portable media players already.

Of course, Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system powers our Pocket PCs, which in turn facilitates our DVDs on the go.

A show of hands if you own a Pocket PC or Palm and have never, ever attemped to play a movie or video clip with your device.

It's usually one of the first PDA features tested, along with games, of course.

ipodNow, mobile phone operators are hoping to spread MPEG video playback fever by featuring television playback on mobile phones.

Pocket PC owners have enjoyed this luxury since SnapStream Media popularized pocket-sized personal video recording (or TiVo for the non-Canadian), allowing for conversion of favourite TV programs into a nifty, convenient format.

For a sense of just how far behind the curve Apple is with this initiative, consider that the first release of such Pocket PC software occurred in 2001.

The digital technology market can be tough nut to crack. Apple is going mano y mano with Palms and Pocket PCs, at least as far as the video playback world goes.

A technology analyst at Capgemini claimed that Sony could mold the PSP into a device that could rival Apple's newest entrant.

It's strange how folks forget about the Pocket PC.

Apple obviously isn't considering the saturated mobile gaming market at this time.

We're on the eve of hardware graphics acceleration to hit the Pocket PC mainstream. It's already hit the Dell Axim x50v, as evidenced by its two free hardware accelerated titles.

It's now up to Pocket PC game developers to go into overdrive and start plugging away at the high-level API routines that make such splendid gaming possible.

After venturing into the hardware accelerated PDA gaming world, software rendered games will start appearing a bit shoddy, especially after the titles for the former become more and more prevalent.

The Pocket PC game user base will expand exponentially when this occurs, and I'll be waiting.

For now, I'll settle for watching my favourite television programs without squinting at a miniscule mobile phone display.


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