Nintendo DS Christmas Confusion for Consumers

The Nintendo DS is just another device adding to the baffling Christmas consumer hunt for mobile technology.

This handheld device has had a banner year, with Nintendo and Micky D's Nintendo DS wireless access agreement in my November 4 2005 article.

TechNewsWorld reports that the situation is a bit grim for the average shopper faced with this bewildering technology onslaught.

nintendo-ds-gift-dilemma-newsIn the same article, an analyst with DFC Intelligence asserts that WiFi gaming with the Nintendo DS is as easy as finding a hotspot or WiFi network.

This news will probably give well-meaning PDA gamer spouses pause, effectively doubling up on existing technological gift-buying dilemmas.

Not to mention the whole XBox 360 stability woes issue and whether or not to wait it out until the Nintendo Revolution or PlayStation 3 came along.

nintendo-ds-newsIt may even add to your own quandary if you're prone to habitually blowing your entire Christmas bonus.

Carry another obvious, enticing handheld game console like the Nintendo DS into the office and throw caution to the corporate winds?

Or continue discretely fire off a few Anthelion 2 3D space shooter rounds on your iPaq or Axim during meetings?

Regardless, it will take more than Windows Mobile 5 for WiFi gaming to be as simplistic as it already is for Nintendo DS owners.


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