Nintendo DS Wi-Fi Subscribers Beat Microsoft

The Nintendo DS Wi-Fi community is rapidly burgeoning.

A few days ago, reported that Nintendo DS owners have been going Wi-Fi gaming crazy.

Considering that the service has only been up since November 2005, the numbers are staggeringly huge.

It seems like people can't get enough of Wi-Fi Mario Kart DS, but the real increase occurred with releases like Tony Hawk's American Sk8land and Animal Crossing: Wild World, emerging a bit later.

wi-fi-poker-newsIf you recall my earlier news articles Wi-Fi Hotspots Gaming Battle Intensifies and More Wi-Fi Gaming News: Nintendo DS vs Pocket PC, Nintendo's free Wi-Fi provision deal with MacDonald's and a strategic wireless hardware component release may have buoyed signups.

Online feedback from users was mostly negative on the site.

One disgruntled poster noted that the Nintendo Wi-Fi service is really basic, with no provision for interactive chat and other goodies.

A few angry users were lining up in the respective Nintendo DS and Microsoft camps, with an uncorroborated claim that three million Nintendo DS Wi-Fi users outnumber XBox Live subscribers.

There may be some merit to this, given that Microsoft announced its plans to hit that elusive million Wi-Fi game subscriber mark for XBox Live in January 2004.

This does not mean a lot in itself until you realise that this statement was made about two years after the advent of the XBox Live service.

nintendo-ds-wi-fi-articleThe Nintendo DS wireless signup rate was lightning fast by comparison.

There are some intruguing new entries on the Pocket PC game front when it comes to wireless multiplayer.

I've often deplored the almost complete dearth of internet-enabled games for the Pocket PC, but Wi-Fi gaming in the form of Multiplayer Championship Poker- Holdem 3.07 is a later entrant that showcases this feature.

It may be worth a download as it asserts that you can hold 'em or fold 'em over the Internet against real people.

While Bluetooth gaming is cool enough, just try getting together four of your colleagues for Warfare Incorporated wireless gaming.

Trying to coordinate a LAN party with mobile devices is highly contingent on finding folks with the same game on their PDA.

Since there always seems to be at least one person with a jurassic Pocket PC that won't do much with contemporary Wi-Fi or Bluetooth games, this is a regular dilemma in my office.

Not to mention that being in the office itself is also problematic, given the general attitude towards gaming at work.

wi-fi-nintendo-ds-news-article-kermitSome folks, however, would rather spend their time doing other stuff with their lunch hour besides Pocket PC gaming.

This definitely throws a monkey wrench into my wireless gaming dreams.

Now I can locate similarly depraved folks across continents in a bid for even more misunderstood online social comraderie.

My in-laws usually stare at me questioningly if I break out my iPAQ, insert earphones and take in some quick Jawbreaker action, more so if I siphon off their Wi-Fi connection instead.

Kermit the Frog thought it wasn't easy being green.

This muppet obviously hadn't met a hardcore Pocket PC game junkie.


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