Nintendo Outpacing PDA WiFi Gaming

Nintendo's WiFi plan for Nintendo DS handheld gaming is pushing it a few leagues ahead of the pack.

According to the TechNewsWorld site, Nintendo DS WiFi gamers on the move will partake of free online WiFi gaming in areas of Asia and Europe.

This will allow Nintendo DS owners to find online users at WiFi hotspots, even jumping in with home-based wireless configurations.

nintendo-ds-wifi-articleNintendo has already one-upped Pocket PC WiFi gamers with their recent wireless access deal for McDonald's patrons.

The former delivered a knockout punch in the industry by making 7,500 available hotspots in the UK.

Some free access to fortunate Nintendo DS owners who are probably thanking the gaming gods at the moment.

wifi-pocket-pc-authenticationIt'll be sheer WiFi hotspot overload for WiFi PDA gamers who were already there, technology-wise.

Nintendo DS users are not only gaining ground-- they're passing the WiFi PDA game community. At least for the moment.

Selecting the wireless connection mode on this handheld is simple next to the comparatively encryption-saddled Pocket PC.

Third-party PDA apps help somewhat, but base WiFi configuration on the Pocket PC can be an exercise in frustration to some users.

It seems to get easier with each subsequent Winows Mobile release.

It's for these reasons that some say Pocket PC gaming is for the more technically savvy.

Let's instead hold out for easier WiFi gaming on Pocket PCs to level out the playing field.


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