Nintendo Revolution Implements Parental Controls

With the upcoming Nintendo Revolution console, Nintendo is making doubly sure it takes care of concerned parents.

TechNewsWorld reported that Nintendo Revolution users will be password prompted when launching games with mature certain ratings.

Nintendo DS owners may need it for the more risque titles, like Mario Kart Double Dash.

nintendo-revolution-consoleSurprised? I came across a thread at the Nintendo DS GameSpot forum that debated this to the point of ludicrousness.

One forum poster asserted that Princess Peach was becoming increasingly sexual in her gaming demeanour.

You may know Princess Peach from such classics Super Mario Bros., then known as the virginal Princess Toadstool.

Now she is apparently anything but, with reports of a pink thong in Mario Power Tennis and bumping ass attacks in Mario Kart Double Dash, among other references. My, how she's grown.

nintendo-see-no-evilSmall wonder that the Nintendo Revolution will be password encoding certain titles.

My Pocket PC Game Sexual Content Proliferating article touched on the racy factor in one of the newer Pocket PC game releases.

Parents of budding Pocket PC gamers need not worry with a multitude of third-party releases available to encrypt private data.

Nintendo game enthusiasts aren't really afforded the pleasure of rapid software updates, with Nintendo GameCube owners waiting since 2001 for this console gaming successor.

On the plus side for Pocket PC game moralists, innovation is most times a creative coding effort away.


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