The Online Trial Bike Game Guide

There are some excellent online trial bike game titles available. Here's some online news on
the latest trial bike flash game downloads for your desktop PC.

Online Trial Bike Game (Motorcross) is a free flash trial bike game that runs entirely in Macromedia Flash. The graphics are smooth, and the 3D track is visually appealing. It was not quite like Trial Challenge on my iPaq 4150, though. The game physics weren't that realistic (the bike handles like it has anti-gravity tires), but it was still a decent flash trial bike game for free!

There only seems to be one track for free play, and scores are only tracked locally. Not being able to keep an online score against other opponents is a minus.

This is a game demo for a full version. I haven't tried the retail version, but it hopefully has more tracks available.

I saw another good one at the Miniclip game site. In Trial Bike Pro the bike handles a little bit differently in this trial bike game. You'll see a "floating" effect that may have been intentional, but it takes away from the authenticity. It makes for some excellent midair control, though.

The bike's engine is also super-torqued, making the course a bit more difficult to clear. The engine surges a bit too powerfully.

Free Online Trial Bike Game - Miniclip site

I missed the engine power tinkering that Trial Challenge offers. Nevertheless, this is a decent online trial bike game.

Bottom line: If you're looking for free online trial bike games, these are great choices. Graphics and animation are high quality compared to many other flash games.

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