Palm Treo Jumps on iPod Design Bandwagon

A leaked report suggests that the face of Palm may be more like iPod in the near future.

The Engadget site reports that Palm is switching from device maker HTC to Inventec Appliance.

This is set to take place in the first quarter of 2006.

This is the latest bold stroke by Palm following the tentatively dubbed Palm Treo 700w smartphone, complete with WM 5.

palm-ipod-design-switch-punchIt's bound to be a sucker punch in the gut for HTC as Treo device-making accounts for roughly 15% - 20% of their market share.

The article already mentions two upcoming new Palm Treo devices underway by Inventec.

If you're a hardcore Palm gamer, this may be of interest if you're tenaciously holding on to this platform while looking lustfully sideways at the video iPod.

It's of special interests in these times of device convergence, given that Inventec is the current iPod device developer.

zoo-2-tycoon-palm-treo-gameMaybe it's coincidence that many hardcore PDA gamers didn't take the Treo 650 too seriously, given its predisposition to the occasional game jarring random reset.

Probably too many incidents of frustrated Treo smartphone gamers facing spontaneous reboots during lively Zoo 2 Tycoon sessions, or something.

With the more visually pleasing games available under the Windows Mobile operating system, it looks like Palm may consider it a better OS with their recent actions.

Now it looks like they're following the market by taking on the mighty iPod developer.

All this innovation will hopefully yield positive results for Palm gamers.


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