How to Play Bejeweled 2 Game 'Puzzle Mode' on Pocket PC

If you play Bejeweled 2, especially Puzzle Mode, you're in for some surprises. bejeweled 2 puzzle mode This game variant is new to this incarnation of the Bejeweled Pocket PC puzzle game and incorporates some unique elements into your game.

You can use the Hint (question mark button) for an indication of the next move.

You'll see a tiny, upside-down triangle appear over the gem that you have to swap next.

Sparkles appear over the direction to which you have to drag your stylus.

Using Hint repeatedly can be

  • Tedious

  • Of no gem puzzle-power benefit

The second is more true of gem swappers who abuse it.

Use minimal hints and you'll find that your Action and Classic Mode scores will boost considerably. It really gets you thinking.

  • Action deeply relies on your time-honed gem-swapping agility when it comes to spotting high-scoring combos.

  • Classic mode is contingent on deep next gem-swapping play analysis.

You'll find as you play other Bejeweled 2 game modes, you may start flagging mentally.

That's when all the gem combos on the playing field start looking the same.

In short, Puzzle mode can heighten your ability to attain record breaking scores in the other Pocket PC Bejeweled 2 game modes through a little leisurely mental exercise.

In this mode you'll see strange, almost indestructible black gems, timer-detonated gems, and other items.

Solving a gem-filled puzzle gives you enough power to "warp" or leave the planet and tackle the next one. There are 5 levels to each planet with 16 planets overall.

There is an option to view the Galaxy Map, where you'll see a tiny window in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

This window is a preview of the gem puzzle present when clicking on the planet with your stylus.

The puzzles tend to follow common themes per planet, which is exactly why I included the hints for the toughest suckers for each.

If you'd rather try to play Bejeweled 2 game modes like Action and Clasic, this link leads to more Bejeweled 2 details and specific guides for these other game modes.

Centauri Prime

Level: The Lopsided Christmas Tree bejeweled-lopsided-christmas-tree

Starting position: Slightly left from middle.

Hint: The puzzle play Bejeweled 2 offers in this level consists of a big gem-decorated spruce.

Start chopping coloured gem branches from the left near the top and work your way steadily downwards.

The other puzzles on this planet are pretty easy in relation to what's ahead.

Can be completed in: 11 moves

Tau Heximus

Starting Position: Middle of taller gem structure

Can be completed in: 3 moves

Hint: Unseat the two purple triangle gems from their lofty yellow and orange gem throne.

Bring them down to meet their two purple gem subjects.


Ceti Alpha V

Level description: Hypercube Trauma

Can be completed in: 10 moves

Hint: This level is Hypercube crazy. Four of the five levels start with Hypercubes already on the playing field.

When you play Bejeweled 2 on this Ceti Alpha V planet, position the gem colours you need to obliterate near the 5 Hypercubes on the left.


Seraph 3

Level: Black Gem Pyramid

Starting Position: Bottom Middle

Can be completed in: 5 moves

Hint: Things step up a bit in this more difficult level.

Black gems can only be destroyed by Hypercubing them to bits or blowing up a Sparkling Gem generated by a 4 gem combo.

You can also be rid of them by matching any set right next to them when you play Bejeweled 2 Puzzle Mode.

Group the black gems on the playing field floor. You'll need to set up a dual-trigger gem combo (one swap matches two coloured gem sets simultaneously).

This page will be updated with strategies for the remaining planets, so keep tabs on this article.

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