News for Pocket DOS Game Emulator Freaks

Pocket DOS will provide pangs of nostalgia for some long-time gamers.

Having performed extensive coding for DOS-based games and apps, I had also been hooked on the inventive game titles available.

This free Pocket DOS version
emulates the MS-DOS 6.22 desktop PC operating system.

pocket-dos-anchormanYou might be wondering about the rationale for Pocket PC DOS gaming.

It's still quality emulation of desktop PC games based on 80186 PC architecture or earlier, for one thing.

For another, there's a cornucopia of free games available for download.

I found the site to be an excellent Pocket PC DOS game resource. It contains a wealth of Pocket DOS game freeward downloads, complete with year of creation for each.

pocket-dos-the-black-cauldronNiggling caveats include a half-minute delay every time you crank up the Pocket DOS demo (to nag you to register, of course).

A small price to pay with no time restriction on this free trial version.

Also expect the time-delay screen to suddenly appear at infrequent intervals during your legacy gaming. Just the developer's way of nagging you towards registration.

Apart from that, Pocket DOS comes laden with options for the classic gamer enthuasiast. Landscape and portrait orientation choices aid greatly.

pocket-pc-dos-galactixIt's much more preferable to having to scroll via horizontal search bar from one end of the screen to another in portrait mode.

You can also change screen resolutions while you're at the Pocket DOS prompt with a click to an icon on the toolbar.

Be mindful, though, that it only emulates up to the 80186 chipset. I generally had more luck with pre-1993 Pocket DOS releases.

My DOS downloading frenzy netted a few PDA game diamonds on the rough; it was a bit of a crapshoot.

pocket-dos-promptI was able to launch The Black Cauldron by Sierra with perfect execution on my iPAQ 4150.

Desktop PC gaming aficionados will see shades of Leisure Suit Larry. It's not just eerie coincidence as Al Lowe was also on the design team for that risque release.

It harkened back to much earlier attempts at DOS adventure gaming.

Galactix by Cygnus Software proved to be a surprisingly good-looking port, saddled with unforgivably craptacular keyboard controls.

I wasn't able to get clear audio with the Pocket DOS trial version, but you may have better results with your own PDA.

Just be prepared to stifle your stylus to touchscreen urge. You're restricted to getting around by keyboard while you're in your Pocket PC DOS game zone.

Gaming will prove to be an admittedly improved experience for lucky thumbboard users as a result.

Free classic Pocket DOS game emulation ... yet another reason to embrace the Pocket PC.


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