UBF Pocket PC Bowling Unlock Spoiler Guide

The Ultimate Bowling Fighter Pocket PC bowling game features some various locked international alleys.

It also features one locked bowling pro.

Warning: This section contains spoilers for this Pocket PC game.

If you'd rather unlock them without aid, you might want to visit my
pocket-pc-bowling-boris-revealed Pocket PC bowling Ultimate Bowling Fighter review instead for a few more details about this Pocket PC game.

Unlocking Bowling Alleys

The key to unlocking the locked player and bowling alleys in UBF is to win at Tournament mode.

The lane or player unlocked is contingent on the pro bowler with which you win the Tournament.

Unlocked Player - Boris

Boris handles 16 pounds of heavy bowling ball fury when he unleashes his Plasma Throw special ball at full power.

You may have already guessed that he is the mystery player if you've played to the final round of the Ultimate Bowling Fighter Tournament mode.

pocket-pc-bowling-boris If you're bowling against the formidable Boris, make certain that you're scoring over 200 points a game.

He'll make quick work of you otherwise, so work on getting that muscle memory down pat by coordinating your D-Pad button gauge press.

If you opt for Stylus mode, make certain that you have your strike motion down cold. Boris' 16-pounder has a tendency to veer quite sharply.

The ball sharply adheres to your trajectory-- a little too sharply.

Angle your throw a bit wide.
It will appear at first to be a bit wide of your target, but you'll soon leave those bowling pins quaking in fear.

It's a bit surprising, but the heavier ball doesn't make knocking over all of those pins any easier. ultimate-bowling-fighter-boris This Pocket PC game allows for some realistic ball physics for each corresponding player and ball weight.

You're rewarded the Russia bowling alley being unlocked if Boris takes the trophy.

Pocket PC Bowling Strike Guide

If you aim from the dead centre of the gauge with a Plasma Throw, you will receive an inordinate number of strikes.

If you've got that gauge timing down, aim for one unit below your full Plasma Throw toss.

Alternate between Plasma Throws and non-special ball tosses to put yourself in the Pocket PC bowling zone with Comrade Boris.

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