Pocket PC World Debut: Built-in TV News

Astoundingly, the world's first Pocket PC with a built-in TV receiver has been produced, according to the Engadget site.

Unfortunately for myself, Toronto is a long way away from Korea, which is the only place that this Pocket PC will work.

Still, the news means great things for the handheld device set.

pocket-pc-tv-newsThis will certainly spark some ideas with manufacturers elsewhere, especially if this new PM80 model from LG sells
particularly well.

Strangely, the rest of the specifications are merely middling and may cripple Korean consumer enthusiasm for this product somewhat.

It's running on Windows Mobile 2003 SE and a boring 312 Mhz XScale processor.

Its function also necessitates the usage of a large antenna, but I'll accept this as the prototype that this is.

I would think that they would want to optimize video playback if its being touted as a media device.

The surprisingly low processor power is not exactly PDA arcade game fodder, either, especially with newer Pocket PC game titles.

Looks like LG is probably trying to horn in on all that video iPod mania that is all the rage right now.

pocket-pc-tv-cash-cowMy video iPod and Pocket PC Market Fray article on October 17 2005 chronicled the lucrative TV network deal.

This turned into a massive cash cow for Apple when video iPod downloads hit the million download mark a couple of weeks later.

Maybe we'll see a Pocket PC TV receiver counterpart with an XScale 624 mHz processor soon.


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