Pocket PC Emulator Award News

Pocket PC Magazine has announced the Pocket PC emulator finalists.

It's small wonder that these Pocket PC software behemoths have already been reviewed on my site.

Two out of three finalists, the MorphGear and Pocket Commodore 64 emulators, have earned mentions on PDAGameGuide.com already.

I can't say I'm surprised. If you've been reading my articles, you'll see that MorphGear has a plethora of options available, making it an easy candidate.

I also uploaded a news article on the popular Pocket Hobbit C64 emulator freeware on September 11. You'll find the article in my archives if you're interested.

commodore-64-tennisThe Commodore 64 emulator scene is heating up now, especially since speed boosts of the original platform are now possible.

A lot of things are possible now that the era of gaming with 64KB of ram came to a close circa 1983.

PocketNES also earned a mention from Pocket PC magazine.

It's possible that my Pocket PC emulator roundup has biased them somewhat.

I wouldn't pass up the chance to turn my device into a gaming console, that's for sure.

With the sheer abundance of Nintendo, Super Nintendo and GameBoy Advance roms, I can't afford not to try them.

Call it recapturing the golden years of gaming, prior to Senator Supercilious calling for banning violent games for influencing our fragile youth, and way before we started catching QuakeCon TV with gamer dollar sign visions if you can just frag quickly enough.

Yes, it hearkens to a different era of gaming, when Super Mario was king and multiplayer gaming meant unseating your opponent from their ostrich by aiming that lance exactly right.

Sometimes I feel the pang of gaming nostalgia. Pocket PC emulator downloads ease this somewhat.

However, with the coming of faster processors and talk of non-volatile RAM, we're witnessing the advent of Pocket PC gaming revolution.

For now, it's back to some good old fashioned Galaga alien ship destruction on my iPaq 4150. It's still a blast.


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