Your Pocket PC Emulator Guide

This combo really works for me:

  • a pocket pc emulator
  • a ROM
  • So you may be wonderingÖwhatís an emulator?

    An emulator is basically a program used to allow us to run programs meant for a different computer. Luckily, Pocket PC emulator software exists on the internet. The downside Ė you really have to pick the right one. A lot of them are prone to crashes (after all, itís emulating another !

    Youíre probably also wondering why you may need a ROM.

    A ROM is a data image that is dumped from an arcade gamesí original circuit-board ROM chip. Most times, youíll be able to reproduce the game in a Pocket PC emulator. The downside? Some games donít translate too well, so good ROMs are hard to find.

    Thatís not the only downside. Its easy to find game ROMs with a search engine. Legally, most times you have to own the original copy of the game. As such, Iím not permitted to provide links to them.

    If you own some Super Nintendo or Gameboy Advance cartridges, there is quality pocket pc snes emulator software out there. Same goes for pocket pc gba emulator software. Iíd like to share some noteworthy ones.

    Scummvm is one of the best ones that Iíve tested to date. Curiously, this doesnít emulate a console system like Sega or Playstation. LucasArts made a series of adventure games with an underlying game engine called SCUMM (Script Creation Utility for Manial Mansion). These early PC adventure games by LucasArts during the 90ís used this engine.

    Scummvm uses specially packaged games using this engine. As a result these games run perfectly on the PC. I took this screenshot of the Scummvm interface:

    Scummvm Pocket PC Emulator

    The interface is straightforward. You can scan the main memory or your Secure Digital card for games that are Scummvm compatible.

    Scummvm Pocket PC Emulator

    Seeing Monkey Island 2 again on the Pocket PC was quite an experience. A bit outdated for the PC, but still a solid PDA game with fluid graphics and great puzzles.

    I still find that nothing beats handheld games that are developed specifically for the Pocket PC.

    I'll be adding more guides to the top emulators soon, so bookmark this site!