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Top Pocket PC Emulators Guide

Pocket PC emulators allow your Pocket PC to 'emulate' or copy other game consoles.

Developers port the original source code from the original Gameboy Advance (GBA) game, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) or Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

Problem is, since the Pocket PC emulators are running code designed specifically for the hardware of another device, quite a fewpoorly designed Pocket PC Nintendo or GBA emulator software downloads don't execute too well.

I've scouted out the best emulator downloads available online. I'm glad to share this because it will save you lots of painful downloads.

There really are decent ones out there. You just have to know where to look.

Pocket PC Emulators Tested

To date, I've rigorously tested the MorphGear, PocketGBA, PocketAdvance and VBAdvance emulators and I can give you the pros and cons of each of these Gameboy emulators for the Pocket PC.

My Neo Geo ROMs testing under WM2003 turned about to be an exercise in futility, but I still managed to dig up some well reviewed emulators for the Pocket PC 2000.

My GBA Pocket PC emulators guide will give you the features and performance rundown for each one of these popular downloads.

Check the results of my SNES emulator tryouts for further reviews and screenshots of Super Nintendo emulation for your Pocket PC.

If GameBoy Color emulation is a bit more your speed, my GameBoy Color Pocket PC emulation article outlines my truly excellent PocketGnuboy emulator experiences on my iPAQ.

The same article also reveals emulator options as well as what frame rates you can expect, along with game roms tested.

If you're suffering from poor frame rates by using these emulators, you can always try overclocking with the XCPUScalar utility.

I've achieved some excellent results on my 400Mhz iPAQ with this. This link delves into benchmarking and performance results with the PocketQuake demo.

Copyright Issues?

The legality of emulators like the SNES and GBA ones for your Pocket PC is a grey area.

I've seen many users in forums saying that once you own the original game cartridge you can download game ROMs to your heart's content.

There's not much information out there, but contact the game developers for verification of breach of copyright.

Narrow Down Searches

As such, I can't feature direct links to the Pocket PC emulator sites (a lot of the sites die prematurely anyway), but searches like 'pocket pc nes emulator' and 'pocket pc nintendo emulator' will turn up a few relevant links.

Best Game ROM Searches

You can narrow down your search criteria to the names of the emulators outlined in my review for downloads.

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