Our Future Pocket PC Game World

Current revolutionary microdrive advancements will put our present PDA storage capacity to shame. According to an announcement by Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, we'll be able to develop some juicy, ultra-high 20 gigabyte microdrives for our Pocket PC's.

It's great news for PDA gamers. Of course, it's ridiculous to think of any of our contemporary PDA games taking advantage of this. While playing Egyptian Prophecies it occurred to me that the original spanned several CDs. It currently occupies less than 2% of my 1 gigabyte Secure Digital card.

We should look forward to our lushious, less pixellated future as PPC game developers take advantage of this extra space to allow for even greater detail, smoother animation and Mobile DirectX. It's enough to make one salivate.

For a peek at what's to come in terms of Mobile DirectX, click here. It's a garbled, ungrammatical mess wrought with run on sentences and low on punctuation, but you'll see some excellent screenshots.

Take a good look at the Ultimate G Man screenshot and I defy you to resist the urge to own this technology right now if you're a hardcore gamer.

This game, albeit without audio, is one of the samples that's included with Mobile DirectX, or interchangeably, Windows Mobile DirectX. According to the author it takes some doing to get these bits of sample code to execute. Looks good so far, but let's see what the future brings.

We've already brought VGA displays to the Pocket PC fold. It is now time for PDA game developers to get together and harness this awesome new technology.

Let's face it, why would anyone want to use pocket pc emulators instead of sticking to what PPC gamesmiths make available? The fact that we'd rather play a game that was obviously written for another game console's hardware makes a statement.

When you think about it, the blame is squarely shouldered by the PDA gaming development community and our current existing hardware restrictions. As in not enough PDA owners with hardware acceleration, so hence not enough games available that take advantage of this technology.

If we can somehow coincide our next PPC upgrade purchase with the advent of these Mobile DirectX games, we can really get our devices cooking.


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