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I must say that I'm more into the Pocket PC game zone these days (largely arcade games, puzzle games and RPGs). I never would have thought that our now typical power packed PDA has definitely come a long way since its April 19th 2000 debut by Microsoft.

I had to jump on the bandwagon. It's pretty cool to unleash gaming potential in a device that reminds you to do stuff, gives you compressed DVD playback and play MP3s. It's sheer versatility is awesome!

The number of display resolution modes that have been developed since then, along with gains in processor speeds for even 600Mhz+ speeds have promoted the once humble device to console gaming status.

Racing games, Myst-like RPG games and arcade games can now suitably impress on the IPAQ and Dell Axim, among others.

Handheld technology is now suitably equipped for those looking for an eye-popping, high-resolution games, making the Pocket PC a gaming console in its own right.

I've left no stone unturned in my very thorough free pocket pc game guides in my Pocket PC new game reviews.

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