Illegal Pocket PC Movie Downloads Impacted by BitTorrent Pact

If you've been downloading movies with BitTorrent for your PDA pleasure, this news may throw a monkey wrench into your piracy plans.

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and BitTorrent's founder have reached an agreement where links hosting pirated content owned by MPAA companies will be removed from its search engine.

pocket-pc-movie-pirateIt was only on November 7 that the first BitTorrent jail sentence was imposed on a Hong Kong native.

The pervasive BitTorrent is attributed to a large portion of Pocket PC movie downloading piracy.

Some newer PDAs are becoming a bit more media centered, like the Dell Axim x51v with Windows Media Player 10 Mobile.

This unit is known for excellent video playback, complete with a codec for the 2700G graphics processor for optimization.

As Pocket PC units turn towards VGA capabilities, movie piracy downloads on the go will only increase.

Pocket PC freeware like PocketTV Classic purport to play any MPEG file.

While making life easier for the Pocket PC movie segment, it compounds existing issues at the same time.

Now it's just a matter of combating the dozens of other file-sharing applications to put a reasonably sized dent into illegal Pocket PC movie downloads.


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