Pocket PC Registry Guide: Optimum Arcade Game Settings

I found a couple of free Pocket PC registry software tools to optimize your PDA for
arcade games.

Your Pocket PC uses a glyph cache. It stores your fonts' glyphs in this section of memory. Your handheld's standard graphic rendering capabilities can be modified.

Just be careful, though. These changes are not support by Microsoft.

I was still able to test Pocket PC registry tweaks with noted improvement. This was especially true for racing, action and arcade games.

Why Change The Setting?

If you change the glyph cache size, more memory will be used towards speeding up the display.

You can change the factory settings and speed up graphic rendering by doing this.

Note: if you have a 624mhz processor, don't bother. Your processor speed more than makes up for glyph cache default size for today's games. You won't see much of an improvement.

Pocket PC Registry Optimization Tools

Pocket PC Registry Optimization Tools

You can use the PHP Registry Editor or RegKing . Both are Pocket PC freeware and are of course free Pocket PC software downloads.

Download the PHP Registry Editor if you want to look at more of the registry. I've found a number of registry hacks at Pocket PC RegistryTweaks if you're interested.
With RegKing you can only choose from a fixed set of hacks.

PDA Action Game Registry Settings

  • If you're using PHM Registry Editor, browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMGDIGLYPHCACHE

  • Click on 'limit' in the lower section. Change the value data to 16384.If it's already set to 16384, set it to 32768.

  • For RegKing, choose hack #5: Increase Glyph Cache.

After you change the setting, apply the changes and then perform a soft reset the device if you're not asked to do so.

Pocket PC Action Game Observations

For the odd game, I found that the graphics rendering with the 32768 setting was too fast! This usually occurs with older games.

The newer games seem to account for this. A lot of them had much improved framerates.

The most notable improvement was on games that load textures into memory before the game starts. After making the registry change, the time was significantly reduced.

Site update: Please note that the PHM Registry Editor site link is now defunct.

I've stuck to RegTweaks with excellent results considering that it offers Pocket PC registry tweaking for free!

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