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The Pocket PC Sudoku
Download Guide

If you're into Pocket PC Sudoku, it shouldn't surprise you learn of a PPC glut on the market as developers attempt to cash in on its popularity.

The objective of this popular puzzle game is to place numbers from 1 through 9 in each cell of a 9×9 grid made up of 3×3 regions.

You start with various digits given in some cells (the "givens").

Each row, column, and region must contain only one instance of each numeral.

The Sudoku Download Dilemma

Most PDA puzzle game software developers would rather not have you know that in terms
pocket-pc-sudoku-master-thumbnail of base features, they’re extremely similar in feature sets.

You may be more hard pressed to find a Sudoku download that doesn't offer cross-hatching assistance, billion puzzle generation or pencil mark features than one that does.

Cream of the PPC Sudoku Crop

I've narrowed the focus to the most popular Sudoku PDA downloads in an effort to determine what they do (or don't) do particularly well.

It should prove more useful than a feature-by-feature comparison.

Sudoku Master Reviewed

pocket-pc-sudoku-master-fruit-thumbnail The Pocket PC Sudoku Master title by RealDice sports some of the most unusual skins that I've encountered in any such title.

I chose this for extensive review due to its relatively high download numbers.

The Sudoku Master trial version may convince you that bizarre, sports themed Sudoku skins can be fun.

There were a couple of misses with a colour customization glitch among other niggling issues.

Sudoku Master, however, boasts sharp-looking skins and options to satisfy the most crazed customizers in existence.

My extensive Pocket PC Sudoku Master review delves into more detail on this Pocket PC game. sudoku-rules-thumbnail

Sudoku Rules Extreme

If you're learning the ropes or a middling player hoping to break out with Extreme difficulty modes, Sudoku Rules is right up your numerological puzzle alley.

Sudoku Rules Extreme lacks the ease of use and customizability of Sudoku Master, but the plethora of hint types is unmatched amongst Pocket PC Sudoku downloads.

The Sudoku Rules Extreme trial version boasts of being the first Sudoku download to feature full, complex solutions in plain English.

My comprehensive Sudoku Rules Extreme review explores the possibilities of an expansive hint engine system.

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