Quake 3 Arena Pocket PC News

Quake 3 Arena dreams have been realized in a startling port for Pocket PC game fans.

iD Software has opted to release their mega-popular Quake 3 Arena first person shooter game to the Pocket PC platform, still in beta.

Looks like Dell Axim x50v Pocket PC owners will have something to smirk about as Quake III for Pocket PC harnesses hardware acceleration for these fortunate users.

quake-3-arena-pocket-pcThey may be as undeterred as I was by stories of forced hard resets after crashes, a warning posted in red text on NoctemWare's site.

Of course, there are the inevitable caveats.

You need to have the desktop PC version of Quake 3 Arena installed as redistribution of game artwork is not permitted, then use the included pakconvert tool to build key files for your handheld.

I've disparaged the Pocket PC as not first-person-shooter friendly in a previous article, but the idea of an updated Quake port is intriguing if you don't find FPS gaming with a D-pad awkward in the least.

quake-3-arena-desktop-pcPersonally, I find mouselook or the ability to use your mouse to guide movement in a desktop PC first person shooter game more preferable to hardware buttons and a stylus.

Don't get me wrong-- this sort of navigation is a better fit for other Pocket PC games in the action genre.

The emergence of desktop Quake 3 Arena resulted in a few sleepless nights for me, so I'm willing to overlook the round hole in square peg syndrome afflicting most similar PDA game shooters.

In spite of popular desktop PC to PDA ports like this one, I'm holding out for more quality Pocket PC games unique to the platform.


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