Riverland Pocket PC Animated Screensaver Review

The details are what make Riverland shine. There is excellent attention to detail in this rat race escape to this rustic
little town.

Just some of the few details I noted as the work day wore on:

  • Tiny leaves were falling off the tree next to the castle.

  • A man walking out to stretch out and grab some sun

  • A flock of birds flapping idly by

The added touch of time synchronization is a bonus. This animated screensaver notes the system time on your PDA and displays the corresponding atmosphere.

Like a creepy meeting of spirits if you're riverland-animated-screensaver entering reminders at midnight, for example.

I had actually done this one night and noticed that the castle lights were on and there were red eyes staring out through the bushes.

I usually catch some new detail with each viewing. There were quite a few surprises during my brief daydream of a sojourn along the sea, next to a medieval castle.

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There are four speed settings that you can configure through PocketCandy. The second speed setting out of four is best for some nice paced animation gazing. The first one seems too slow.

You can mark the pace of time by looking at the dial on the bigger of the two analog riverland-animated-screensaver-2 clocks displayed in the bottom left of your Pocket PC screen.

It spins wildly on the fourth setting, but you miss a lot of excellent details as time passes too quickly.

It's great for watching day turn quickly into night. You get a sense of how many frames the folks at Handy Ent. may have used for this show.

Recommended Riverland Settings

If you use it on battery power, set your PPC backlight to turn off a few minutes after riverland-screenshot Riverland appears.

You'll spend a lot more time with Riverland away from the docking station this way.

This screensaver requires Pocket PC 2002 or Windows Mobile 2003.

Bottom Line

Configuration options are limited. Excellent attention to detail. Great graphics and extremely entertaining.

Highly recommended for long, drawn out, unproductive meetings when button mashing is too noticeable.

PDAGameGuide Rating: 4.7 out of 5