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RTS Game Pocket PC Guide

RTS game Pocket PC downloads are scarce, but I've played a couple of their standout titles extensively.

Warfare Incorporated

Warfare Incorporated pits you in corporate hell as you duke it out for newly discovered resources and alien technology in this real-time strategy game for the PDA against competing futuristic firms.

I've found this one to be reminiscent of the Command and Conquer series on the desktop PC; no mean feat for the Pocket PC platform.

It affords ample gameplay for the twenty missions available in the twenty game campaign.

With WiFi and Bluetooth multiplayer modes, it has become one of my favourite time wasters.

You'll find a more detailed Warfare Inc RTS game Pocket PC writeup for the skinny on the pros and cons of this title.

Age of Empires

Age of Empires is an excellent port of the original desktop PC real-time strategy game series by Microsoft.

rts-game-pocket-pc-age-of-empires This title pits you against other civilizations in an upgrade races as you advance through technological eras.

The port played flawlessly on my 400 MHz iPaq and was true to the original incarnation of the title.

I've also played this one to death, and you'll find my Age of Empires real-time strategy game review complete with strategy tips here.

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