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I looked up some free Matrix screensavers download links while looking for Pocket PC

freeware. If you've seen Matrix: Revolutions you'll be interested in this one. If you're just a Matrix fan, hey, it's free.

There's one caveat: this screensaver only works with the PPCToday Tools PPCSoft add-on for your Today screen.

PPCToday Tools

You won't find a review of PPCToday Tools posted on this site (since this is mainly a games and entertainment site, not Pocket PC apps).

The most I'll say is that I ended up bumping one of my Today items to make room for this application.

Since I play as many Pocket PC games as I can get my hands on, I'm especially appreciative of the option to close games and apps instead of minimizing them. Let's face it,we've all left stuff running in the background at one time or another. This freed up some memory when I closed games on my iPaq in a hurry.

As an unexpected bonus, I found that I could use PPCToday to manage all of my other Pocket PC screensaver files as well, including setting my Riverland cartoon screensaver options. Click here if you want more information on one of my favourite cartoon screensavers download links.

The PPCToday application for use with the screensavers download features a 14 day full function evaluation. It costs $19.95 to purchase.

In any event, this free Matrix screensaver was the best of the screensavers download links for the Pocket PC. The Matrix screensaver mostly features stills from the movie, but also has a few motion clips.

You'll also see some great panoramic-length stills as well. They scroll smoothly from one side to the next for you to take in the entire frame. My favourite is the one with Neo standing and lightning crackling overhead.

Matrix Screensavers Download

Another shows shots from the final climatic battle between Agent Smith and Neo. As free Matrix screensavers go, this is at the top of the Pocket PC screensaver heap.

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