SkyForce Pocket PC Game Walkthrough
Your Guide to Level 1

SkyForce is not difficult to master if you know your enemy units. This is the trick to making
it through the first huge level.

Hopefully, you'll make use of this free game walkthrough for Level 1. If you want my take on this game, take a look at my SkyForce arcade game review for more details on graphics, gameplay and sound.

Some Sky Force basic game guide tips I've gathered:

If you're low on shields or lives, try taking out the squadrons instead of structures. Your chances of receiving a power-up are greater.

Also, your safest spot generally the lower-middle of the sky. Fly too low to the bottom and you won't see enemy planes coming from behind.

These green squadrons are generally slower-moving anyway, but your shields can take a big hit in a collision.

Fly too high towards the top and you won't see looming gun turrets, new enemy plane formations, etc.

If you're not flying the light warplane, don't be afraid to take damage to knock out the last fighter in a squadron.

Most quadron-based powerups only appear after you've taken out the entire squadron.

SkyForce Game Walkthrough - Level 1, Stage 1

The levels are broken up into stages. In the first and second stages, you'll be flying mostly over water. In the third, it's largely jungle terrain.

Stage 1 is pretty straightforward. Just concentrate on taking out the green squadrons (they're light on armor) and collectingthe power-ups.

The ones reading 'S' add to your shields when depleted. Focus on the gun add-ons (silver power-ups).

SkyForce - Stage 1

A lot of the land-based gun turrets contain shield powerups, so try to take them out if you're low on shields.

Otherwise, concentrate on gun booster powerups as they'll help you clear the stage faster.

You'll see your first gunship as the 'mini-boss' of this stage. Aim for its small side-guns.

They shoot slow-moving bullets that make it more difficult to take out the main turret. The main turret fires a small stream of bullets.

Watch out for the humans on the small island beside the gunship. They're vulnerable to friendly fire, so be careful when using the 'auto-fire' option here.

Destroy the gunship to finish the stage.

SkyForce - Level 1, Stage 2

Stage 2 starts off with some heavy cloud cover. It blocks your view of enemy warplanes. Take note when they appear and what direction they're flying.

If you're low on health, take out as many of the small gunships as possible. There's almost always a couple of shield powerups to be found.

Also look for the pontoon. It looks like a small skiff. Destroying this small, flat-bottomed craft will give you a guided missile powerup.


You'll see the red enemy fighters for the first time. They tend to fly in tighter loops then the green fighters. They're also faster.

Don't get caught in their formation. Shields take major damage from collisions.

The mini-bosses for this Skyforce stage are 2 gunships. Take them out as quickly as possible.

They make life difficult when you get too close to the land-based turrets at the beginning of the next stage.

Your ship will flash when you appear after losing a life. You will be briefly invulnerable. Use this time to gather your lost powerups, which will hover nearby.

SkyForce - Level 1, Stage 3

Watch for the mobile gun turrets camouflaged in the jungle here. You'll find some shield powerups when you destroy the stationary gun turrets.

The yellow fighters make an appearance here. Watch for them as they make more then one pass.

On the second pass, they dive downward. Unless you have plenty of gun powerups, don't get in the way of their downward dive.

They have more armor than the green and red fighters, so you'll need more firepower.

Don't confuse first large green warplane with the boss. The boss of the level is an even larger green warplane.

SkyForce Level 1 Boss Tactics

Take out the stationary gun turrets on the islands for shield powerups.

The enemy warplane will fire small slow-moving bursts from its back turrets. It also fires a ring of bullets in all directions.

Keep your distance and stay behind it. If you get too close, it's hard to maneuver out of the way of the rings of gunfire.

Take out it's middle gun as soon as possible. This makes it considerably easier to take out the remaining guns.

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