Top SNES Emulator Downloads Guide For Your Pocket PC

I've tried my fair share of SNES emulator downloads.

You always hope to catch a download that will make your PDA indistinguishable from a handheld gaming console.

If you need a guide to the best SNES emulator downloads for your Pocket PC, read on.

Please note that all tests were conducted with my iPaq 4150 (400Mhz processor and installed on 1GB SD card).

In the interests of time I'll spare you more details about my PDA, but use my search bar for more specifications if you like.


The first one that I tested was PocketSNES v. 1.12.200. by Bleeding Edge. I really
lucked out with this one.

There were more options than you could shake a stylus at. It is simply loaded with configurations settings.

The problem at first was getting past the installation. You basically copy the .exe file to the location from which you want to load it.

I kept getting "not enough memory" errors before I got the chance to actually try anything. Even though I had about 85% of my SD card free at the time!

I uninstalled a few plugins from main memory, which fixed it. You can optimize your SNES emulator by simply making sure that you maximize your main memory space.

Tedious? Probably. I don't know a single person who likes having to clear space on their main memory to get programs to work. Much less having to adjust memory allocation between 'Storage' and 'Program'.

To get to the memory allocation settings, just tap your stylus on Start --> Settings --> Memory.

As a lot of SNES emulator downloads are dependent on a certain minimum amount of memory available. In my case it happened to be precisely 5.38MB.

There hasn't been a PocketSNES update since 2003, so I wouldn't hold out any hope of this being fixed. Super KnockOut by CapCom ran pretty well.

Quite a few other SNES emulator downloads work this way as well. If you have more than my paltry 8MB of space available on your PDA, this probably doesn't apply to you.

Make sure you don't have any aging programs taking up main memory space if you want to squeeze the most out of these emulators.

To its credit, PocketSNES ran admirably when I overcame the installation issues.

This might be due to its obvious usage of a main memory cache for graphics processing. Gradius and Megaman 7 looked simply amazing.

Bear in mind that this may differ on your device, but my 400mhz can safely be considered standard for Pocket PCs at the time of this article.


SNES9xJ4u is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator for your Pocket PC.
SNES emulator download killer instinct spinal vs glacius
Don't confuse this with the one that's out for your desktop. That one is called SNES9x.

This one turned out to be worth my many, many SNES emulator downloads.

SNES9xJ4u starts off promisingly. The intro splash screen is emblazoned in bright fiery orange against a suitably dark backdrop.

One problem, though. I couldn't read the menu options. They look like a series of text boxes. Probably because it is meant for display with a different language set.

However, it works like a charm. I tried two different versions developed in 2004 and 2005 respectively on my iPaq 4150 running Windows Mobile 2003, but same problem with the menus.

The menu titles looked like a series of boxes-- unreadable.

I downloaded this one off of a non-English language site. I looked around for an English version, but no such luck.

This SNES emulator is extremely rare.

I suggest clicking through the menus. I can now open SNES roms successfully without having to guess which options do what.

Fair enough tradeoff since most SNES roms run like a dream. And without changing the default options-- surprisingly good audio.

I played Killer Instinct by Rare 3D with blistering fast gameplay and great sound.

You can map buttons without much difficulty after a while, but initially it's tedious to figure out which opens do what.

The frame rate was quite high with most Super Nintendo ROMS that I tried.

Check my GBA and SNES emulator for Pocket PC breakdown if you want more information on Gameboy Advance emulators available for the Pocket PC.

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