Sony Music CD Copy Protection Furor

Sony has suddenly revoked a copy protection scheme for its music CDs.

The Sony music CD copy protection bid was posted on the BBC News site.

Apparently, these CDs can have your desktop PC a bit more vulnerable to hacking attempts.

The Sony XCP copy protection inserted a "root-kit" that interfaced with Windows in a surreptitious manner, much to the warning bells of desktop PC security alarmists.

pda-game-hackerThe XCP copy protection issued by Sony allows pirates to exploit the system to hide viruses.

Sony's latest move was surmisingly to allay the fears of the security conspiracy theorists as actual numbers of afflicted users are extremely low.

As PDA gamers we're all affected by software piracy, even if most of our games are downloaded, not installed from CDs.

The Half-Life 2 desktop PC game by Valve attempted this most notably with its Steam secure download game engine option, allowing gamers to eschew CDs.

I've already stated my position on PDA game warez and the like in an Oct. 11 2005 article touching on illegal MP3 downloads among other illegalities.

Gamers on the up-and-up keep overhead down, allowing for some juicy, quality Pocket PC game releases without breaking your pocketbook.

Think about that the next time you drop $59.00 CDN ($49.00 US) for your next desktop PC game.

No one really knows how much of this cost is due to desktop game piracy, which is more rife in our counterpart's industry than the Pocket PC segment.

sony-music-cd-article-pda-game-hacker-2Earlier, I was on the hunt for a Pocket PC Digger remake to add to my Pocket DOS emulator game article.

I had played this DOS game to death as a kid and was anxious to reproduce this on my iPAQ.

I stumbled across a site that blithely admitted to cracking original DOS game code to allow for a save game feature, then provided a link to the file download page.

Looks like Sony has failed in its latest bid to stave off the headaches that come with liberal music file swapping.

I hope that PDA game pirates change their ways, or it'll be a cost-prohibitive gaming experience in the future.


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