Sony PSP Latest Update Trumps PDA Security

The Sony PSP has an edge against the Pocket PC owning demographic.

A new firmware update has been issued to tighten a security noose around folks hoping to exploit a recently uncovered vulnerability.

This hole allows hacks to execute on the Sony PSP. Non-compliant emulators and pirated games, among other non Sony sanctioned software.

psp-hacker-articleThe new firmware version issued blocks the ability of "downgrading" the firmware to an earlier, more vulnerable version. In addition, it allows for Wi-Fi video stream access.

I doubt that Pocket PC and Palm owners will see security fears mollified by a firmware update. Warez is plentiful. Poorly ripped games are currently changing hands in cyberspace.

If such an unlikely scenario occurred in the PDA realm, Pocket PC developers would be dancing in the streets. No such luck here.

There's a large virtual bull's-eye over any operating system developed by Microsoft. Windows CE probably made every mobile software pirates' wet dreams until hardier encryption schemes emerged.

Hackers have been swatting at Microsoft-based source code for years. The Sony PSP has just emerged in 2004, but even the newest gaming console can keel over to a hack attack.

At this time, the Sony PSP beats your PDA security cold. Unfortunately, all devices become more susceptible over time.

With a plethora of Pocket PC emulators and illegal ROMs floating around out there, it's quite evident that Pocket PC security has already, in a sense, been compromised.

Sony will eventually capitulate when hackers find a way to compromise their latest firmware update again.

They will either have to continue to issue updates ad nauseum or cry uncle, pledging allegiance to the Hackers' Guild of America or some other such group.

A Sony PSP article on the site outlines some of the logistics of the 'Homebrew' firmware update exploits.

So the Sony PSP has triumphed over the Pocket PC, at least momentarily.

Most users will blindly update their firmware, preventing possible downgrading to vulnerable versions for the moment. Savvier, but skeezier folks will simply opt out of updating and continue to use pirated PSP software.

I'm holding out for an iPAQ firmware update that allows for biometric recognition of owners prior to any PDA game launch. At least it'll keep Pocket PC game prices as low as they are now.


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