Timberland Pocket PC Animated Screensaver Review

The Timberland Pocket PC animated screensaver will transport you to rustic cottage country.

There are four speed interval settings, but the passage of time occurs a bit differently from Handy Entertainment's former offering, Riverland.

Timberland Forest Life

The Timberland screensaver scutinizes life of a couple in the country residing in a solitary cottage smack in the middle of a forest.

At points during the day, the couple perform a series of errands around the wood; the young woman draws water from the well.

Her husband trudges off merrily with an axe and disappears into the trees.

A mysterious bear and an owl will also make an appearance.

Navigational Scrolling Issues

If you use your NAV bar, you can scroll a bit to the left and right. timberland-animated-screensaver-hedgehogs Unfortunately, one of the problems with the NAV bar still persists since Riverland; pressing the center button on your NAV pad will alter orientations accordingly, but scrolling to the left and right will prove painful.

This is because the directions on your NAV pad will not change to reflect the proper orientation.

Passage of Time

The passage of time is controlled by four speed settings.

When Timberland is first launched it will automatically synchronize with your PDA's system time and reflect the proper time of day.

This seems to be a trademark with these particular animated screensavers.

Depending on how you configure Timberland through the PocketCandy application, you can adjust these options or choose to have an analog clock on the display that will give you a sense of how fast time is passing.

I favour this screensaver over Riverland because setting the fastest speed interval in Timberland still results in a relatively gradual passage of time.

Find more on other Pocket PC cartoon screensavers besides Timberland here.

Wildlife Cacophony

The audio has also improved considerably. Woodland sound effects for hooting owls and cawing magpies sound pretty authentic.

Just remember to keep that audio low when you get to the office after listening to your MP3's.

Unless, of course, you want what I've dubbed the Forest Cacophony Orchestra of owls, crickets and cawing magpies to greet your colleagues in the morning.

As you probably guessed, this happened to yours truly.

I've found the ideal setting to be the third speed setting. You can get in most of this

animated screensaver over the course of a workday, even with your reminder snoozing.

Watch out for those jumping rabbits and purple hedgehogs trundling down the path around lunchtime.

Bottom Line

One of the handful of quality Pocket PC animated screensavers available. As with the rest of the series, excellent attention to detail.

Original scrolling issues while switching orientation still plaguing this animated series.

PDAGameGuide Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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