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Trial Challenge: Pocket PC Trial Bike Game Spotlight

Dougie Lampkin's Trial Challenge trial bike game by AIM productions really shines as
a contender for one of the best trial bike games available for the Pocket PC.

Rider and bike game physics are top-notch. There are also plenty of game options for modifying your bike. In Dougie Lampkin's Trial Challenge you have to navigate your bike over obstacles to successfully pass each track.

This is easily learned, but not so easily mastered. I found that the unique challenges of each track really kept me busy. Read up on my trial bike game walkthroughs if you want more info on clearing the first three tracks (retail version, not demo). The Trial Challenge Pocket PC trial bike game is available for $19.99 at

The trial version only has one track available. You won't be able to make adjustments to your trial bikes in the demo version either, unfortunately. Making bike adjustments is half the fun!

Trial Challenge Motocross Game Graphics

The graphics are very well done. In spite of the limitations of the Pocket PC operating system (no hardware-based video rendering), the developers have done an outstanding job.

The images aren't pixelated (or blocky) like so many other Windows Mobile and Pocket PC based games.

The backgrounds lend a nice touch of authenticity as well. The scrolling action is smoother than most ppc racing games available.

Trial Challenge - Pocket PC Trial Bike Game

The bike physics and rider physics are truly excellent. Just take a spill and see what happens-- your rider will flop like a crash-test dummy (just like Super Dave!).

It's also not uncommon to see your bike flying realistically out from under you. It's about balancing your bike's torque, brakes and your body stance to clear obstacles.

You'll wind up either with spectacular results or failures as you go flying.

There are 15 tracks with more available free for download.

Trial Challenge Trial Bike Game Audio

I was surprised at the realistic feel of the audio. Your bike revs with more realism than you would find in many other similar titles.

Holding down your acceleration results in a gradual rise to an authentic sounding high pitched whine.


As trial bike games go, this game can be difficult. Bike handling and obstacle clearing takes some getting used to, but gets easier with practice.

As you become more skilled, trickier stunts become possible. After a while, I was easily performing aerial 360s while completing each track.

You can adjust the suspension and tire pressure (for each tire!) as well as engine power and bike agility. I haven't seen any other ppc trial bike game with the number of gameplay options. A 'balance cheat' mode is available to provide more aerial control and help you get the hang of extreme racing.

A 12-bit enhanced mode option is best for those with PDAs like the iPaq rz1700 series. As an iPaq 4150 owner, I found that disabling it improved gameplay graphics.

Tracks unlocked in the 'Championship' mode become available in the 'free ride' mode, allowing for as much practice as possible. After four faults you'll have to try again. This will easily provide several hours of gameplay.

My only minor issue with this game is that you can only adjust bike settings once before you're placed on the track. It would have been nice to have this option after each fault or accident.

Bottom line: One of the best ppc trial bike games available. Wide variety of options for bike and rider movement.

Excellent graphics and audio. Inability to make multiple bike adjustments between track attempts is a minor drawback. High replayability with free bonus bike courses.

PDAGameGuide rating: 4.9 out of 5

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