Trial Bike Pro Game Walkthroughs: Trial Challenge for Pocket PC

You'll find that the first three trial bike pro tracks (USA) can be quite difficult. Trial
Challenge takes some time to master.

Take a look at my free Trial Challenge game guides/game walkthroughs for the USA series of tracks.

My Trial Challenge trial bike pro game review Trial Challenge trial bike pro game review will provide some more information on graphics and gameplay (unless you've seen it already!) These strategies can also be used in some free Flash online trial bike games (even though the bike physics are slightly different).

(USA) The Old Factory

This track is mostly about slight inclines. A car hood is probably your most difficult obstacle here. Now, how does a car hood end up poking out of the ground?

Arc your trial bike pro rider backwards and then quickly arc forward while accelerating slightly. If you do this properly you'll perform a small wheelie.

It allows you to elevate the front wheel to clear obstacles.

Trial Challenge Trial Bike Pro Game - Track 1

Give it too much gas and you'll end up on flat on your back.

Just remember-- easy on the acceleration. Steady yourself at the base of the ledge you come to and let your bike roll back, then launch as gently as possible to the crates.

Launch off of the crates in the same manner to get to the gas tanker. Drive gently down the top of it to complete the track.

Trial Challenge trial bike pro guide - Track 1 (USA)

(USA) The Subway

Set your bike's engine power to a little more than the default (but not maximum) for this course.

You'll have to play some trial bike pro leapfrog with the benches.

Rock the biker back and snap forward while accelerating. This takes some getting used to, so try this in the free ride mode before taking this on in the Championship mode.

The most difficult obstacles are the green trash bins.

Pop a wheelie and don't be too gentle with the gas to launch yourself off the two middle bins sticking up.

Another method is to gently apply gas and rev repeatedly. The corners of the bins are slight inclines, so you can edge your bike up quite nicely.

Don't even try this without increasing your bike's engine power from the default.

If you push off too gently, you'll end up with your front tire stuck in a groove between two bins. It's really tough to get out of a jam like this easily.

To counter this, make sure your biker is sitting way back in his seat when you gently push off of the two tallest green bins. This will prevent you from getting stuck.

You'll come to a plank stretched out between two blue storage bins that look like portable toilets.

Make sure you're sitting way back and gently heading up the ramp. To get your back wheel over, perform a small wheelie.

Keep your rider standing straight in his seat and gently push off the plank. You'll endup on some metal bins.

Keep applying gas gently and lean back in your seat when launching, or else you'll land upside down next to the steep wooden plank.

Keep the rider standing straight up while slowly making your way up the wooden ramp.When you're just more than half way, hold down the gas and launch yourself forwardwhile in the air.

The 'balance' cheat in the options makes controlling your biker while airbourne a bit easier. You'll find this in the options.

Arch your rider way back while launching off some crates. Constantly apply the gas while doing this and you'll clear the remaining obstacles.

You'll go straight up the ramp and complete the track with little effort.

(USA) The Lonely Harbour

Make sure your bike's engines are set to maximum. You'll need it.

The first ramp is really steep. Make your biker sit way back in his seat, theninch the bike up the ramp.

When you're almost at the top, hold the gas and lean forward while your bike is in midair.

Another method is to zip right off the ramp and do a 360 degree spin. This is a bitmore dangerous, even during real trial bike pro stunts. You'll have to be straight up in the seat to try this one.

This takes some practice, so try it in the free ride game mode first. Also, watch the replay. This provides plenty of insight into motocross racing game tricks gone wrong.

Next, you will land on some metal barrels. Squat in your seat and briefly accelerate. You'll easily clear the car wreckage.

Perform a small wheelie when you hit the roof of the wreckage. Give the bike gas gently and you'll clear the vehicle.

A series of wheelie/acceleration combos will help you make it up the next several crates. They are the same level of steepness, so just perform the same trial bike pro move repeatedly.

Getting to the pipes off of the long, flat crate is the most difficult. Squat in your seat and zoom ahead. Rock your biker backwards and forwards while giving it gas gently. You should clear it like a true trial bike pro professional.

You'll have to perform a slightly bigger wheelie to clear the blue crates. Don't stop accelerating if you want to have any luck clearing these crates.

If you don't, you'll wind up upside-down. Expect to get hurt a lot during trial bike pro antics like this.

Getting clear of the other side of the blue crates is a bit harder.

When your bike is standing still, lean your rider forward, then go. Perform a small wheelie when you launch off of the blue crates to complete the track.

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