iPod Reaches One Million Video Downloads and Counting

Fifth-generation video iPod owners have tapped a huge, legal download market.

According to the AppleInsider site, video iPod owners have passed the one million download mark since the service became available on October 12.

This is on the heels of the news that I reported recently in another article regarding the video iPod versus Pocket PC smut wars.

video-ipodFor every person coughing up $1.99 US ($2.35 CDN) to catch a peek at the lovely Eva Longoria or her hunky gardner, there are folks like my colleagues downloading clips of Paris Hilton cavorting enthusiastically in the buff and ActiveSyncing the content over to their Pocket PCs.

There are many more who continue the download, sync and repeat process, undeterred by news of BitTorrent users going to jail for sharing illegal movie downloads.

pocket-tvPocket PC users aren't slackers when it comes to their video playback, either.

Hopefully, we can stay within hotspot range long enough to download the clip.

I've already mentioned the cost-prohibitive, wallet busting attempt at wireless GPRS data plans with the handful of providers here in Toronto.

Maybe McDonald's will extend their Nintendo DS WiFi offer to PDAs.

While we have apps like Pocket TV for our MPEG playback, video iPod owners are laughing with the ease of use afforded by iTunes.

Pocket PC aficionados are on the same footing. Almost.


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