Video iPod and Pocket PC Market Fray

The formidable new video iPod has already entered the handheld devices market fray.

Hollywood union heads representing the actors and writers starring in shows like Lost and Boston Legal are queueing to ensure their share of the potentially lucrative Apple and ABC deal.

This was on the heels of the ABC television network's deal with Apple. The deal was essentially to charge $1.99 per episode.

video-ipodNot that the video iPod is the sole device capable of this. I keep movies like Men In Black on hand for sheer, arrogant boasting of my iPaq's playback capability.

While discussing the matter in an effort to kill time at work today, my colleagues and I were discussing the pros and cons of the video iPod and Pocket PC owning masses.

They blamed the general Pocket PC tendency towards cost-prohibitiveness as the biggest issue facing the Pocket PC market.

Incidentally, they both also own iPaqs of their own. They didn't seem to pick up on the irony.

One glance at the HP iPAQ RZ1710 and its depressing $329.00 CDN price tag (plus tax) at the local Best Buy proves that this holds some merit, especially when you can purchase an iPod mini with 4 gigabytes of glorious MP3 space for eighty Canadian dollars less.

Ponder on that the next time you're going mental swapping between four accumulated gigabytes of movie, game and MP3 SD cards.

By the way, handle those iPod mini devices carefully. My "iPaq Trumps iPod Nano Display Strength" blog on 29/09/2005 delves into more detail..

Strange that the head television network honchos didn't approach Hewlett Packard about a similar deal. The Pocket PC doesn't seem to be sufficiently marketed towards our younger demographic like the video iPod ad targeting.

One of the latest iPod commercials features a rapping and dancing Eminem, belting out his "Lose Yourself" anthem.

What's next, I wonder. Well, we already have G-Unit sneakers. Maybe we'll see 50 Cent wearing a blinged-out iPaq on a chain in some future TV commercial.

Regardless, Pocket PC manufacturers may have to step up their marketing game.


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