Video iPod, PSP Winning Mobile Video Race

The new video iPod and TiVo deal has allowed it to surge to the forefront of the mobile video race.

The TiVo digital recorder company has implemented a new service that will allow transfer of television shows to the video iPod and PSP mobile devices, as reported on TechNewsWorld.

video-ipod-race-winnerIf you think that Pocket PC users are on the same video footing as the video iPod or PSP in terms of simplicity, think again.

MyTV ToGo is the latest Pocket PC app that purports to copy television shows recorded on your PC in a nonchalant, video iPod like fashion.

They've prudently neglected to include the steps involved in setting up the prerequisite Windows Media Center if you have a cable box or satellite receiver.

Also, ensure that you have a desktop PC with the minimum requirements posted for Windows Media Center, namely a 1.6 GHz processor with a DirectX 9 hardware accelerated video card.

video-ipod-tivo-pictureIn short, Pocket PC owners have more technological hoops to jump through, but the new TiVo service will automate the whole video transfer process for lucky video iPod and PSP users.

For the former this is par for the course.

If it's a matter of simplicity, the video iPod and PSP will always triumph over the Pocket PC.

The video iPod started off a bit more singular in function but is now aiming for the remainder of the couch potato base since the October 17 2005 video iPod and ABC television network deal struck by Apple.

No need to be wistfully taking in The Simpson's from some commuter's video iPod as I can always distract myself with some Warfare Incorporated real-time strategy gaming instead.


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