Voice Activated Pocket PC Gaming

I'm not certain whether voice activated Pocket PC gaming is for me.

All things considered, the last thing I really need is to make PDA gaming any easier. My hobby takes up enough time as it is.

A recent offering by Vito Technology called Voice2go 1.1 purports to allow for excellent voice charcter recognition, fully programmable in any language, to issue directives to your device.

The Voice2go download was made available recently, if you're game.

The download is compatible with any Pocket PC operating system.

voice-activatedI'm playing with the idea of recording some directives in Klingon.

I could see things becoming more lively at work when I speak to my iPaq 4150 in a low guttural tones and my Bejeweled 2 puzzle game launches, seemingly of its own accord.

This just might launch a whole new slew of office bets amongst the more clever corporate hustlers, proving vastly more entertaining than a rousing game of slick, sidewalk three-card monte.

It hopefully won't be a disappointing exercise in futility, like the voice-recognition on my Rogers wireless bluetooth handset's half-assed voice recognition.

Unless I state the name of the person to be dialled in exactly the same tone as I did when I first recorded it, the bleep signalling the failed attempt gets irksome.

Drivers pulling up alongside often stare at me quizzically while I talk on the handset. With the handset clip over my right ear and the driver on the left, it makes for very strange looks at times.

I wonder what they'll say if I'm ever caught yelling directly at my PDA.

Well, it's all for the sake of easier Pocket PC gaming.


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