Warfare Incorporated RTS Game for Pocket PC Details

The Warfare Incorporated RTS game for Pocket PC initially seemed like just another formulaic real-time strategy game release.

It ultimately turned out to be one of the brighter stars in the PDA real-time strategy game arena.

I've recently uploaded a Warfare Incorporated unit and tactics guide for this game as well.

Game Details

warfare-incorporated-for-pocket-pc-free-radical-skirmish The care that the Handmark Pocket PC game development team put into the aesthetics is evident given the detailed, high-resolution images.

If you've ever been prone to bringing your real-time strategy gaming party to your desktop with the Command & Conquer series, you'll find the Warfare Incorporated RTS game PPC download to be sharply reminiscent of the desktop PC game counterpart.

The idea of erecting power generators to keep your base defenses active bears testament to the similarities between the Warfare Incorporated RTS game Pocket PC edition and Command and Conquer.

Throw in some corporate raiders to take over your enemies' structures, and the resemblence becomes even more marked.


As a former C&C real-time strategy addict on the desktop PC, I found that the Warfare Incorporated RTS game incarnation incorporated many other similar attributes.

Unlike C&C, however, the ability to discern between a couple of key unit infantry types proved to be a concern in this Pocket PC game.

I found it tough to distinguish powerful rocket troop infantry from the common security guards.

It made things difficult when attempting to protect my base in this PPC game from vehicular homicide with in adequate security guard force.


This may be particular to my iPAQ having along three and a half inches' worth of PDA display real estate, but the transflective vividness of planet terrains on varying maps offset this somewhat.

It's also tempered by colour hue adjustment offered in an in-game Warfare Incorporated RTS game menu.

Units move smoothly across the terrain, with Landscape options proving to be an added bonus.

The staccato sounds of gunfire and the cries of anguish contribute admirably to the wartime realism of the game as well.

Gameplay Details & Issues

The Warfare Incorporated RTS game engine will take you back to basics on some fronts.

The ability to use waypoints should be a prerequisite in a Pocket PC game of the real-time strategy genre.

For those not in the know, this is the ability to mark spots on the map for your units to gather once they've been built.

It makes for a bit more micro-management harkening to the early real-time strategy game days.

You'll encounter this micro-management when you attempt to coordinate your Eagle scout and A-3 Cyclops vehicles for some tactical assaults.


In spite of this unnecessarily added complexity, Warfare Inc. does a superb job overall.

Units move themselves smoothly out of the way to accomodate the passage of large armies, eliminating frustrating troop bottlenecks evident in other RTS game downloads.

If you're a versed real-time strategist gamer, I suggest setting the difficulty level to Hard.

This seldom occurred, but I found that a couple of enemy units would simply stand in place just out of range after their comrades within gun distance were obliterated by my gattling towers.

Maybe they were shell-shocked, but don't let the sample missions delude you.

The Warfare Incorporated RTS game enemy AI gets significantly hairier with each subsequently successful campaign.

Interestingly enough, uncovering the fog of war or the black, unexplored areas of the map will allow you to permanently see all units traversing the exposed area.

This is contrary to many other real-time stretgy Pocket PC game titles available besides the Warfare Incorporated RTS game.

Single Player Campaign

warfare-inc-pocket-pc-game Warfare Inc.'s single-player campaign will start you off on the first couple of missions with a handful of units types, like the trial download.

The storyline of threatening OMNI factions proceeds in a linear fashion, yet is surprisingly engrossing.

The mission types range from the old seek-and-destroy-base variety to search and rescue, allowing you to mix up your tactics instead of things getting stale.

You're set on the trail of a powerful alien artifact that would turn the tide of the war in the finder's favour.

The single-player campaign takes surprising turns as you acquire the ability to reverse-engineer technology.

I strongly suggest completing the single-player mode as you're slowly introducted to new vehicles, upgrades and infantry abilities.

You'll start to feel the sting of the enemy AI when called to defend a comrade's base. This is when the artificial intelligence kicks it up a notch within your selected difficulty level.

Multiplayer Modes

warfare-inc-ppc-game-real-time-strategy-rocket-troopers I experienced very little lag during Bluetooth connection matches.

Placing our Pocket PCs within closer proximity seemed to boost multiplayer performance considerably.

There is a 4 player cap on the number of players in each game.

Even with Bluetooth and WiFi supported mutliplayer modes, I found myself spending more time with the absorbing single-player campaigns to see where the story would lead.

It made for many hours of real-time strategizing.

Bottom Line

Disadvantages include inability to set waypoints. Tough to discern between key infantry personnel at times.

Pros include extremely engrossing single-player campaign, intuitive gameplay and crisp, high resolution graphics with challenging AI. Bluetooth and WiFi multiplayer mode options. Commendable and credible audio.

PDAGameGuide.com Rating: 4.9 out of 5

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