Warfare Incorporated Strategy Guide

In the Warfare Incorporated strategy game for Pocket PC, you can opt for two distinct courses of action.

Roll the dice by ordering vehicles and infantry into battle in an ad hoc fashion, or strategically command your units into optimal carnage.

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Here's a unit type rundown for your battlefield scenarios:

Basic Vehicles

SR-98 Eagle


Best suited for:

  • Scouting around the map

  • Taking out small pockets of security officer infantry

A pair of rocket-toting Hydras can make minced meat out of your Eagle vehicle in your Warfare Incorporated strategy.


Vulnerable to Rocket Trooper infantry and M-18 Hydras


T-29 Broadsword

Best suited for:

  • Mortar attacks against buildings

  • Cluster-based defense

The T-29 Broadsword is best suited for building attacks.

Its rate of fire is a bit too slow for vehicular assaults against upgraded vehicles like the Hydras and Liberators.

Vehicles Available After Upgrade

After building the Research & Development Center or RDC, you can put some money in technogical research to upgrade your infantry and vehicles.


M-18 Hydra

Best suited for:

  • Turning other vehicles into smouldering debris

  • Mobile turret defense

Building Gatling and Rocket Towers can seriously drain your base's energy in this Pocket PC real-time strategy game.

With no power, your defense towers will stand idly by while the enemy AI chows down on your base.

The M-18 Hydra and T-33 Liberator are mobile Warfare Incorporated strategy responses to Rocket and Gattling Towers, respectively.

The default auto response in this particular RTS game is for your units is to remain idle until the enemy approaches.

As towers have to be within close proximity when you build, use the M-18 Hydras with Liberators to stave off attacks on your map's pressure points.

Station three of each vehicle type in the mining areas of the map for an unpleasant enemy ambush or to bolster your own mining defense.


They will succumb to Rocket Troopers more easily then the T-33 Liberators, which have tougher armour.


T-33 Liberator

Best suited for:

  • Pummeling infantry with fragmentation grenades

Part of your Warfare Incorporated strategy should consist of tactically placing these at map bottlenecks.

This will aid greatly in keeping all enemy infantry at bay, with the exception of a large horde of Rocket Troopers.


As with vehicles, the infantry units in your Warfare Incorporated strategy also benefit from technology research with the RDC center.

Basic Infantry

Security Guard


Best suited for:

  • Taking out small groups of Rocket Trooper infantry

  • Elinating like enemy units

The Security Guard has limited armour and firepower, but a group of them will take out Rocket Trooper infantry a bit faster than other types.

Infantry Available After Upgrade

Corporate Raiders


Best suited for:

  • turning enemy structures into your own

Note that moving a Raider towards an enemy building means that the infantry unit is lost, but the building becomes yours.


Anything that breathes.

The Raiders are the weaklings of the infantry units and carry no weapons.

Try to time their arrival with a convoy of Broadswords, Hydras and Liberators.

Rocket Troopers


Best suited for:

  • Pulverizing any enemy vehicles

  • Base defense

The Rocket Troopers will make short work of most convoys in groups of 7.


Gatling Towers will make quick work of Rocket Troopers, so send in your Broadswords first to clear a swarth in your enemy's defenses.

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