WiFi Game Boon Courtesy of Google

It looks like Google Claus may come early to the city of Mountain View, California in the US.

Google has offered to erect WiFi access points on traffic poles and lights to the adulation of PDA carriers in the vicinity according to E-Week.com.

They are apparently proposing 20 or 30 WiFi hotspots per square mile.

You'll recall that Google also offered to provide WiFi access to the city of Philadelphia a few weeks ago.

wifi-google-clausLooks like WiFi gaming will get the green light for thousands of Pocket PC game fans hoping for some mobile wireless gaming of the Snails or Warfare Incorporated variety.

The proliferation of free WiFi access is a boon to PDA gamers, especially when faced with strange WiFi legislation approval by the state of NY regarding the legalities of unsecured wireless internet access with proposed fines of $250 to $500 for violators.

wifi-game-warfare-incorporatedBusinesses or home office folks would be coerced into building a separate server for firewall access.

Ridiculously, this would stand even if your WiFi access is encrypted, negating the need for setting up said encryption.

This chord would resonate deeply with the Pocket PC game business or home office community as hotspot accesses are already being increasingly encrypted anyway.

Those WiFi access points, now proliferating, may become a bit more difficult to locate.

When the dust settles and decisions are made, only then will WiFi Pocket PC game addicts will know for sure.


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