WiFi Hotspots News is PDA Game Boon

I came across some intriguing WiFi access news on the TechNewsWorld site.

Seattle residents in the US are partaking of WiFi access made available by the King County Metro Transit.

While some folks in Seattle may be thinking of checking their email on the go and similar mundanities, I'll be thinking along distinctly different lines if the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) suddenly adopts it.

bus-wifi-access-articleSnails, Warfare Incorporated and some Stuntcar Extreme to whet my Pocket PC wireless multiplayer gaming appetite, for starters.

The only real problem would be convincing even the most dedicated PDA gamers in light of a recent, ill-timed bus shooting in the city.

Paranoia would presumably detract from the whole gaming experience.

Fortunately for Pocket PC and Palm gamers, there's been an enormous push towards WiFi hotspot availability recently.

My WiFi Hotspots gaming article spoke of the city of Philadelphia's talks to implement municipality-wide hotspot access.

snails-pocket-pc-gameIt also mentions the recent WiFi access game agreement between McDonald's and Nintendo for Nintendo DS users.

It may be for the best.

It's advantageous to burn off some of the 1300 calories of a quarter pounder with cheese, large fries and large shake, albeit via rapid thumb movement.

With WiFi access becoming so prevalent, let's get ready for the plethora of WiFi PDA game goodness that will hopefully follow.


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