WiFi Transition Struggle Unfortunate for PDA Gamers

If the state of WiFi in the workplace is as dire as the TechNewsWorld site suggests, Pocket PC gamers may take the hit.

A recent survey of US mobile workers suggests that 84% of them have been struggling with the IT pressures to support wireless workers.

A little something to think about the next time you and your colleagues break out some surreptitious Snails WiFi action on your Pocket PCs.

wifi-communication-study-newsA bolstered IT infrastructure can be a boon to PDA game fanatics, especially if you're prone to breaking out the Pocket PC during sleep-inducing corporate annual meetings.

My own employer hasn't quite made the jump to extend WiFi services to Pocket PCs for free as it comes with its own support headaches.

BlackBerry users have been a bit more fortunate, having jumped on the WiFi bandwagon a bit earlier.

I've eschewed the BlackBerry for an iPAQ and decidedly better quality games to boot.

The same wireless study indicates that quite a few folks carry more than one mobile device on their person, but still pick up messages late at night instead.

A lot of good the WiFi revolution has done them. Too busy mobile game playing, presumedly.

At least hospitals are among those leading the wireless charge. Doctors can't seem to get enough Pocket PC medical software with instant access to x-ray results and the like.

wifi-pocket-pc-medical-articleI guess Dr. House hasn't heard this yet. Last time I checked he was gaming on a PSP, having given up his Nintendo DS in earlier episodes.

Seems like PlayStation has mightier product placement power than Nintendo in popular medical dramas.

With the distracting, ever-improving quality of Pocket PC games available, all doctors will need to be capable of Dr. House's seeming rapid-fire diagnostic omniscience soon.

Increased mobile gaming between medical rounds may be detrimental to the health care system otherwise.

It's still fortunate that prevalent WiFi Pocket PC gaming is on the horizon.

It's that pesky technogical wireless learning curve working against corporate mobile gamers at the moment.


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