Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC OS Successor

The Windows Mobile 5 operating system has a successor in the works.

PDA game junkies can now look forward to the next incarnation, codenamed 'Photon'.

It's purportedly leaps and bounds beyond its Windows Mobile 5 predecessor, according to Engadget.

Some forum lurkers are dismayed, however, claiming typical Microsoft behaviour by working on OS advances before working out all the WM 5 kinks.

The release date is undetermined at this time, with precious little information available as all sources were sworn to secrecy.

Due to past Microsoft "device unification" efforts, it's tough to tell if this new operating system incarnation will prove to have multi-functional mastery.

Initial convergence endeavours like the clunky, oversized Orange SPV M5000 in this case with a meager 48 megabytes of storage didn't make the case any stronger.

In Pocket PC game terms, this means that Age of Empires for Pocket PC, Astraware Sudoku and Ultimate Bowling Fighter will cumulatively account for 80% of the SPV M5000 persistent memory space.

Even three quality titles like these, won't quell the Pocket PC game time-wasting urge if played ad nauseum.

Invariably, you'll want to try some other downloads at some point, requiring an extra SD card or two on the road to sate your Pocket PC game fixation.

It doesn't take Windows Mobile 5 for exercises in spectacular convergence futility.

nokia-n-gageThe N-Gage debuted in October 2003 as the answer to the gaming quandary of GameBoy and cell phone juggling.

With smartphone and 3D acceleration capabilities, it was maligned widely for its taco-like form factor and scarce games.

This shambling Frankenstein of a device fortunately met its demise when Nokia announced the N-Gage cancellation last month (November 2005).

Still, Windows Mobile 5 has been a boon in spite of smartphone disappointments.

windows-mobile-5-jack-of-all-trades-articleWM 5 support for PowerVR from Imagination Technologies makes hardware accelerated gaming possible with supported hardware.

Windows Mobile 5 enabled Dell Axim x50v and x51v models provide 3D fodder for Pocket PC gamers.

As such, the majority will presumably stick to the Pocket PC and cell phone combo for the optimal gaming experience.

Maybe Photon will allow for optimal jack-of-all-trades functionality for the versatile gamer so we can forego all of these added devices.


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