XBox 360 Console Woes Continue

I had fully anticipated today's XBox 360 console litigation maneuver.

As a Canadian, I've made a passing reference to the sometimes baffling litigious nature of our American cousins in an earlier article.

This same nature has apparently culminated in today's Yahoo News XBox 360 console story.

The class action suit du jour suggests that Microsoft Corp. rushed the XBox 360 console to market to beat the Nintendo Revolution and PlayStation 3.

xbox-360-console-news-articleI had already balked at the staggering $579.99 CDN price tag for the XBox 360 console at the local Best Buy, deciding to stick with Pocket PC games and games on my desktop PC for time being.

This had been been my stance even prior to my November 24 2005 news article regarding XBox 360 console crash and burns episodes that struck the seed of discord with some gamers.

While Pocket PC game fans are saddled with relatively lower processing punch, it's still making strides in the right technological direction.

The Dell Axim x51v, released in late September 2005, is a PDA gamer case in point.

With Windows Mobile 5, a 624 mHz XScale processsor, a VGA display, WiFi and graphical acceleration capabilities, it's one of the mack daddies of the PDA game community.

Laptops aren't a discrete enough gaming option for office gaming on the sly, and dedicated handheld gaming devices like the PSP and Nintendo DS simply aren't versatile enough for the PDA crowd.

dell-axim-x51-v-xbox-360-console-articleNot to mention that the office gamer really has no excuse for having a Nintendo DS on his or her person unless the rules are especially lax.

Those who want it all adapt to lugging around five to ten pounds in extra devices, ready for any whimsical mobile contingency.

In the interim, mobile gamers are probably observing the XBox 360 console litigation wars with some amusement.

Personally, the proverbial ten-foot pole comes to mind, albeit reluctant points granted for clean graphics and high-def capabilities.

All I know is that my own iPAQ has afforded several hours of stable, rock solid gameplay and will continue to do so for some time to come.


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